a complete plan

Our approach is centered on solutions.  The team at Mainstreet Financial is focused on creating customized solutions for you that can be seamlessly integrated into your personal financial plan.  Financial planning extends beyond investments and should include any factors that impact your financial situation. Our goal is to help you understand your options, avoid costly mistakes, and monitor and make adjustments as necessary so you may efficiently work toward achieving your goals. If you are ready to get started with your plan please call us today at 678.436.8832










seamless support


Through the between relationships with Planners Alliance and other strategic partners we are able to deliver custom solutions through a range of Financial Product Offerings and services.  We enjoy access to several money managers, their investment teams and investment strategies.  Financial software resources include an assortment of portfolio analysis and income planning tools.


our focus is on you


3rd party custodians

We partner with independent financial institutions to provide asset custody and safekeeping services for each investor. It is important to have an independent custodian to value portfolio holdings, to provide trusted account statements, and allow online access. This creates a critical barrier between your funds and any outside party or advisor.  

Fiduciary  standard 

Our team is required to place the interests of the client above their own. As an advisor, we are required to serve as a fiduciary which requires transparency. We constantly strive to meet your needs through personal communication, unbiased advice, and committed pursuit of your goals. 



Tailored advice

Our company focuses on your needs and providing solutions that will benefit you. As your needs change our duty to you does not. We will provide the necessary adjustments in order to achieve the lifestyle and retirement you want. The model portfolios provided are composed of various investment strategies designed to achieve specific results. 

FEE-based compensation

In keeping with our commitment of fee transparency to our clients, each client account is assessed an advisory fee for our services. This fee is based on a percentage of assets under management and is paid in arrears quarterly. 


aim planning process

A consistent planning process serves as the foundation for successful financial plans. This helps you evaluate financial decisions and understand all of the necessary components that should be considered. The planning process is designed to understand your unique financial situation, while offering flexibility to adapt the financial plan as your circumstances evolve. Our AIM Planning Process directs this approach and includes three distinct steps.