We appreciate your time and understand that selecting a financial advisor is an important decision.  Our philosophy is not to simply provide financial services, but to provide partnership and council.  We truly enjoy helping people make informed financial decisions. Our team delivers exceptional service and care for each client relationship, so we always want to make sure our approach is a fit for your situation. We have helped improve the financial situations for many clients and are completely focused on this responsibility.  We look forward to learning more about you, your priorities, and goals.  You can rest assured that we will be there every step of the way along your financial journey.

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Managing Partner

Ruth Goldstein, Managing Partner of Mainstreet Financial Group LLC in Atlanta, is a 20-year veteran of the financial and insurance services industry.  She offers Investment advisory services through Planners Alliance, LLC, a SEC registered investment adviser. She specializes in financial planning for individuals and small businesses. 

As a specialty, Ruth is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant and a fee based investment adviser representative servicing government employee pre-retirees and retirees. She has B.A. degree in Business Administration and Marketing from AIU In Chicago, IL. 

Prior to establishing her own financial services firm, Ruth worked in Business, Marketing Development and recruitment in Insurance and Financial services.  In 2006, seeing the need for women advisers, she accepted a position at UBS Investments for their Wealth Management training program. Now, ten years later, Ruth has a successful firm.  She is passionate and knows that in an uncertain global economy, the right advice has never been more important in helping families have the confidence they are on track to meet their investment goals—no matter what the environment.

In 2017, Ruth Goldstein spoke at 18 retirement planning seminars in Georgia. She is detail-oriented and offers a complimentary Retirement Income Plan,  a Federal Employee benefits review, and an Investment Portfolio Analysis to all seminar attendees. 

Ruth and her husband David reside in Atlanta, GA. They have eight children and twelve grandchildren. She is an active volunteer consultant for Senior Living Programs. 


Managing Partner

David Goldstein joined Mainstreet Financial Group LLC with the goal of helping the area residents and small businesses map out and implement a successful plan for retirement and financial growth. David serves in the role of Chief Financial Officer and he has a life and health insurance license with the state of Georgia. 

David graduated from State University of NY with a BA in Psychology.  He worked 20 years in retail store ownership and management for Kline’s Department Store in upstate NY. Kline’s was a family owned chain with 100 stores from Illinois to New York.  He sold the last store in 1990 and worked in import/export for retail merchandising until he helped Ruth build their financial services firm. 

"Investment advisory & financial planning services are offered solely by Ruth Goldstein, Investment Adviser Representative of Planners Alliance, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.”



Members of the Investment Team are licensed with Advisory Alpha, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Mainstreet Financial and Advisory Alpha are independent entities.



Steve Jr. is the driving force behind the development and innovation of our investment solutions. Bringing more than a decade of experience, as well as extensive knowledge of personal finance and asset management as evidenced by his CFA®, CFP®, and AIF® designations, Steve Jr. serves as the head of the Investment Team.  Steve is passionate about educating investors, effectively communicating complex financial matters in a simplified manner, and addressing common financial misconceptions. Steve Jr. strives to constantly create new resources and methods to not only improve the financial advice delivered to investors but help financial advisors better serve their clients.



Steve Sr. began his career in the financial services industry nearly 40 years ago.  He has vast experience working directly with clients and has built a thriving financial advisory practice of his own.  Steve Sr. co-leads the Investment Team and is also instrumental in supporting financial advisors based on his extensive experience. Around our offices, he has an uncanny ability to focus in on practical solutions to complex problems, and his wisdom is a valuable resource for virtually every component of the firm. Further, his leadership and counsel are critically important as the Investment Team strives to navigate the ever-changing global economy and financial markets.



Jon manages the daily investment research and portfolio management responsibilities for the Investment Team.  This includes a broad range of functions such as, asset allocation research, fund monitoring and due diligence, investment strategy evaluation and implementation, and performance monitoring.  Jon has a diverse background in corporate finance and investment management, but also a strong passion for the industry which is demonstrated by his successful completion of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) program. 



Nick has an unwavering focus on helping clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations by serving as a dedicated financial planning consultant for our advisor partners.  As a part of this process, he leads the development and implementation of the firm’s portfolio analysis and planning resources designed to improve the financial situation for clients. With his successful completion of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) program, Nick is positioned to craft comprehensive solutions to complex financial challenges that span across all components of the financial planning process.



Brian is responsible for the firm’s trade management processes which includes everything from implementing portfolio investment decisions, account rebalancing, cash management functions, and trade execution.  With a strong attention to detail and dedication to responsiveness and efficiency, Brian also manages our portfolio management system. This system is foundational to all back-office functions including, transaction reconciliation, account billing, as well as client reporting and web access.



Mike has a background in computer science and statistics which aids in his role as Technology Director and as a key member of the operations team.  He leads our technology initiatives and data management processes as well as supports the portfolio accounting and trading functions.



Janine manages our accounting and financial systems, human resources functions, and office operations. She is also a key member of our compliance team and supports various departments across our firm including trading, financial planning, performance reporting, and account billing.



Katie leads our compliance team through her broad knowledge of both corporate and branch-level industry compliance. She is a CFP® Candidate and her consultative approach contributes to a culture of strong regulatory adherence while helping to ensure effective communication.